(Employability and Innovation Hub)

Developing the students’ employability skills – during and after studies – is a key objective of the CUSAT Employability and Innovation Hub (EI). It is about working across cultures, engaging with the economy and moving between several occupations during a career.

This anticipated transience has shifted student and employer demand from technical, job-specific skills to broader capabilities. Employers seek people who can solve complex problems, design thinking principles, and understand and select appropriate technologies. It is not just knowledge that is important. The ability to execute in contexts characterised by change and ambiguity is crucial.

  1. Summer and Winter Schools
  2. The Summer and Winter Schools are opportunities for students to gain valuable learning experience that goes far beyond the structured classrooms

  3. Internship
  4. An internship is a carefully monitored meaningful learning experience in which an individual has intentional professional goals and reflects actively on what he or she is accomplishing throughout the experience. A typical internship:

Includes developing intentional learning objective goals that are structured into the experience and supervised by a professional with relevant and related background in the field.

  • Promotes academic, career and/or personal development.
  • Includes learning objectives, observation, reflection, and evaluation.
  • Balances the intern’s learning goals with the organization’s needs.
  • Typically lasts One to Six months.
  • Involves industry related and soft skill development.
  • Carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit.
  • Provides adequate supervision in a reasonably safe environment with the necessary tools to perform the learning goals agreed upon for the duration of the internship.